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HD Video for Online Meetings

If you are a Videolinq customer, or just reading this article, we all share the same frustration when it comes to using builtin cameras on our laptops. Unlike their distance cousins - the mobile device high end cameras - computer cameras tend to offer limited settings and color control, resulting in low-end video you are forced to broadcast to the world.

So how do you get to look great like an Instagram influencer? Simple: use a HD camera, tripod, and professional microphone, instead of your laptop camera and $30 earpiece.

There are dozens of cameras out there. How to select the right one? It depends on your budget. HD cameras prices below $400 may not have what you need. Expect to pay at least $1000 as you look for DSLR or HD cameras offering 1080i resolution and 20x zoom. By nature, a camera with this configuration would require a mid-level CMOS sensor. Confirm the camera has HDMI or HDSDI output port. Get a proper tripod to add stability to your video.

Good microphones cost from $200-$2000. We recommend wireless microphone kits that will make you portable and cord free. For best results connect the output cable from your audio receiver to your camera audio in port. Confirm the audio kit you buy can plug to the camera you buy. Some DSLR and HD cameras do not have an audio in port.

Now that you have a camera to make you look good, and professional audio to improve your sound, the next step is to capture the video to a computer. For this we recommend the Magewell HDMI or HDSDI to USB Capture ($299.00). These pocket size capture devices work flawlessly with Windows or Mac computers.

Plug the HDMI or HDSDI output of your camera to the HDMI or HDSDI device and connect to your computer. Open your favorite live streaming software and in 99.9% times it will auto recognize the source video.

No Streaming Software? No Problem

Don't have a live streaming software? Create a new source in your Videolinq account and use the Webcam option to bring the video from the Magewell device to your live streaming channel. Add target destinations, and live stream the video from your camera via your computer in just few clicks!

Using Online Meetings? No problem

If you are using Zoom or Webex to join a group online meeting, the Magewell capture device will be recognized as a video source, and help you capture awesome quality video!

Now: The Good Stuff

Want to add real time closed captioning and publish the live meeting to multiple social media platforms? We wrote blog posts explaining how to use features in a Zoom or Webex meeting. In few words (a) point your Zoom or Webex meeting RTMP output to your Videolinq channel (b) contact a closed captioning operator and ask them to send real time captioning to your Videolinq channel. Videolinq will merge the closed captioning with your live stream.. In the channel add target destinations and grow your audience by streaming a limited seat online meeting to everyone (really?) on the web.

Last but not least, your audience does not need to join a Zoom or Webex meeting (your account may not have enough seats). In the Videolinq media dashboard channel page you will find a "Player HLS" URL. Copy this link, open the Player tab in the console and create a new player. Put here the player HLS link and create a new player. Copy the iFrame code generated by the player wizard and post it on your website or blog. Now visitors to your website can see all participants of your online meeting.

Did you find this article helpful? Open a video trial account and send your online meeting to multiple social media platforms!


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