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What is Videolinq?

Videolinq acts as an easy-to-use hub allowing organizations to send live video simultaneously to up to 25 web or social media sites including: Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitter Live and many more. Video production quality can range all the way from live simple cell phone video up to multi-camera professional streams.

What So Special?

While live streaming to a single site such as YouTube is simple, streaming to multiple sites is not. By streaming first to Videolinq, users can simplify setup and save significant cost and bandwidth. They can also add value by inserting closed captioning or commercials or by scheduling broadcasts from pre-recorded files, or pulling video from other live streams or cameras. In addition, Videolinq offers next level user interactivity with social media audience during a live broadcast, moderating comments and collecting engagement data in real time.

What Else Can I do?

Are you trying to do something special with video?  We have probably already done it.  Innovative features include: a very easy-to-use interface to specify destinations (e.g. Facebook Live); support for closed-captioning services; stream protection; the ability to pull video from cameras on a scheduled basis and the ability to monetize content by integrating with video ad servers.  Users can also easily configure custom players for placement on their own websites enabling playback of both live and recorded content hosted by Videolinq or other CDN's. All this functionality starts with pricing as low as $49/month. Key users are traditional broadcasters, video production teams or audio visual departments of mid to large companies and government agencies.

How Much It Cost?

Videolinq subscription fees start from $49/month. Before you open an account, let's make sure we are a good fit! Meet our team to discuss your project. Click here to book a demo. 

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