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What is Videolinq?

Videolinq is a leader in adding human-generated or automated captions, translations, and transcripts to live video. Use any video source, and add closed captioning in 60+ languages. Live stream video + highly accurate captions to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, LinkedIn, and many other video services at the same time!

Why Videolinq?

Are you trying to do something special with video?  We have probably already done it.  See why you should use the Videolinq platform. Features include live stream distribution, player creation, stream protection, stream monetization, social media viewer engagement, and data analytics. 

What So Special?

Videolinq was nominated by Streaming Media Magazine as "Best Automated Closed Captioning Solution" and ranked by Capterra and G2 among "Top Live Streaming" companies.

How Much It Cost?

Videolinq subscription fees start from $49/month. Before you open an account, let's make sure we are a good fit! Meet our team to discuss your project. Click here to book a demo. 

Additional Documentation

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