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Automated Closed Captioning is Here!

Customers have asked us about automated closed captioning, and we are proud to release support for AI-based automated closed captioning with the ability to edit the captions before they are added to the live video.

We call the new service Edit, and it helps create closed captioning in two ways:

  • Edit for live streams.

  • Edit for recorded files.

Watch a Webinar

Learn about the benefits of using Edit for live or recorded media.

Edit for live streams

Use any video source - an RTMP encoder, a webcam or virtual meeting, an external stream, or pre-recorded file(s). Push "Go Live" to activate the channel. Expand the bar under the preview player, and select the automated closed captioning option. Drop down to pick a language and push "Start CC".

When closed captioning appears in the preview player, click on the "Editor" icon. In the Editor, see the captions generated, edit as needed, and confirm your changes on the live stream. When the broadcast ends, perform more editing or click on the SRT VTT files or PDF transcript option to export captions.

Edit for recorded files

Upload MP4 files, select a language, and push "Start".

After the captions file was created and attached to the media file, open the "Editor" to preview the video and see the captions generated. Perform changes as needed. When done, click on the SRT VTT files or PDF transcript option to export the modified captions.

Invite Team Members to Edit

Customers with the Premium or Enterprise plans can use a Studio project, and invite team members to manage Edit during a live broadcast. The operator will receive a separate link to the editor interface, and perform changes, leaving total control of the broadcast to the video operator.

Need to make more changes to the captions data? No problem. Come back another day and edit the captions data as needed. Export SRT or VTT files, or transcripts in PDF format.

The Videolinq automated closed captioning service is available to paid plans. The first 2 hours of the service are free. Additional time is billed at a discounted introductory rate of $0.25 per minute ($15 per hour) until December 1st, 2023.


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