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How to Live Stream from My Camera?

Many video production companies and freelance videographers wonder what is the best way to live stream from their cameras. They are often asked by customers to send a live stream from an office, or a remote location, to YouTube, Facebook, or other social media platforms.

Live streaming to multiple destinations consume lot of bandwidth and requires lot of hardware, software, and experience. It's not a secret. Live streaming is simple from your phone, but complicated when it comes to using multiple pieces of hardware and software. Using Videolinq simplifies production and saves on the cost of buying hardware.

Back to the question - how to live stream from my camera? The answer is not simple, because not all cameras can live stream directly to the internet, and they will require additional hardware and software to make it possible. Let's assume your camera does not support direct streaming to the internet. For this scenario we see two possible solutions:

Solution on the go!

Get the Teradek Vidiu-GO or the LiveU Solo . These are entry level H.264 encoder with built in rechargeable battery. Mount them on the camera, plug the HDMI or HDSDI cable from the camera video out port to the encoder, and connect to the internet over LAN/Wi-Fi/cellular network. To connect to the cellular network you will need to purchase SIM cards from your local phone company. Make sure there is no cap on the maximum monthly data allowed.

Now that you have an encoder connected to the internet, you need to plan how to send the video to the target destinations. Both Teradek Core and LiveU encoders come with a monthly subscription to a cloud portal that will help configure the final destination of your stream. This must be done in advance. Prepare all settings because when you are in the remote location, you'll need to focus on operating the camera. Using presets, as soon as your live feed connects from the encoder to the portal, the portal will replicate the stream and send it to destinations.

Stream from an office

Operating from the office is much more simple. Connect the video output of your camera to any video encoder (See recommended devices). Point the encoder to your Videolinq account (or directly to one social media platform), and begin broadcasting. When using Videolinq, take advantage of the autostart RTMP feature, or schedule a more complicated action.

Advance Operation:

For those who want to control better the live stream distribution. To add closed-captioning, to control when streams show on what platform, or add a moderated chat for all viewers (regardless from where they come) consider the Videolinq Premium plan. To take advantage of these extra features you will need an assistant. The camera operator broadcasts the live stream to Videolinq. The broadcast operator will decide when to start streaming to Facebook or YouTube, real-time monitor closed captioning insertion, and manage the moderated chat room.


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