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Customer Reviews Place Videolinq Among Top Live Streaming Platforms

Our customers shared their experience with the Videolinq platform, and their reviews placed us on G2 as one of the "Top Live Streaming Platforms". The G2 quarterly report ranks company performance based on few categories that include ease of setup, ease of use, quality of support and more. Videolinq competed on its top placement against large and known companies in the multi-streaming segment such as Streamyard, Restream and Vimeo.

Videolinq is ranked by G2 as "High Performer", and has kept its lead on other platforms since Summer 2021.

Recent features that were added to the Videolinq's arsenal of tools for live event producers include simple upload of MP4 and VTT closed captioning files to simulate live streaming, and the ability to build playlists from pre-recorded files, add closed captioning, and stream live 24/7, or to multiple social media networks.

In addition, Videolinq customers can take advantage of many more practical workflows that simplify broadcast production for video professionals:

  • Multi-stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Twitch in few clicks.

  • Add real-time closed captioning to live streams.

  • Schedule hands-free live broadcasts from files and playlists.

  • Build custom players and point to any streaming service provider or CDN.

  • Monetize on live and recorded stream using 3rd party advertising platforms.

  • Invite teams to collaborate on Videolinq's Studio during the creation of live broadcasts on social media. Features include universal chat, graphics, and engagement reports.

See why Videolinq is the easiest tool for live video streaming: open a trial account.


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