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See Videolinq in Collision 2023

Videolinq will be part of the Ontario Startup Island during Collision 2023! Come visit us at our booth PS108 on June 29th.

We are proud to announce that Videolinq has been selected to participate in the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) “Innovate with Canada” B2B Matchmaking Program between June 26-29 2023. Find out more about Collision.

During the show, we will demonstrate EDIT, an industry-first AI-based automated closed captioning service for live streaming and recorded files. When using EDIT, broadcasters can prepare closed captioning and transcripts from recorded media or live stream, add real-time closed captioning, and improve the accuracy of the output text before it is merged with the live video. Streams can be published on different social media platforms and other video services. After the broadcast ends, captions can be exported as SRT VTT or transcripts in PDF format.

How to contact us during Collision?

  • Come visit us on June 29th at booth PS108 in the Ontario Startup Islands.

  • Use the Collision mobile App, search for Videolinq, start a chat, or connect.


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