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Real-Time Closed Captioning (CC) on Live Streams

The StreamText and Videolinq integration provides a perfect solution for closed captioning vendors to insert real-time closed captioning to live streams distributed to social media platforms and 3rd party streaming service providers that support CEA-608. 

Watch a short webinar showing both platforms in action. Got question? Book a demo!


Read this if you want to add closed captioning to live video and plan to hire a human captioner for one or many broadcasts. 


  • Open a Videolinq subscription plan.

  • Create a channel, and enable captions option # 3 (manual operator).

  • Copy the server, stream key, and password details.

  • Share the credentials and audio link with your caption’s operator. Ask them to create a new event on Streamtext. 

  • Start the RTMP encoder and send live video to Videolinq. Push "Go Live".

  • Ask the operator to send captions.

  • Confirm you see closed captioning on the preview player.

  • Configure one or more destinations for the live broadcast.

to your destination

* A customer is the party producing and managing the live stream.

Control Again The Captions Workflow

Videolinq helps caption operators improve live broadcasts workflows. Broadcast customers should manage their live stream distribution. Ask your customer to subscribe to Videolinq directly and share the publishing credentials to create an event on Streamtext.

Focus on what you do best, and give your customer back the control they need to broadcast their live streams to 25 destinations at the same time!

All that, at no cost to you, the CART operator!


Do you need to add real-time closed captioning on live streams? See how easy is to use Streamtext and Videolinq to create real-time closed captioning over live video:

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