The Videolinq Affiliates Program

The Videolinq affiliates program offers recurring 15% commission when you send new customers to Videolinq and they become paid subscribers. To participate in the program you must open a Videolinq account and activate the affiliate program. Use the optional banners we offer or design your own banners and link them with your unique referral identification code. Existing Videolinq customer can join the affiliate program - just activate the affiliate option in your account.


How it Works?

First, join our affiliate program by opening a Videolinq account (if you do not have one), or by activating your existing account (click on the "Affiliate" link in the customer area). Next, place a link or banner we provide (with a link) on your website or social media channel. Visitors must click on the link we provide. The link is associated with your account. We put a cookie on their web browser. When they buy a Videolinq hosting plan we recognize that you referred them. Their new account is associated with your referral affiliate account. Every month, we will deduct and credit your account with 15% from every dollar they spent on Videolinq, on an on going basis, as long as the customer is in good standing and your referral account is active. 

Payouts Rules

Upon opening a referral account we give your account a $25.00 bonus. When you login to your referral account, you can see how many customers click on your referral links, how many signed up, and how much payment you receive every month. Once a month, when account balance reach $250.00 or more, you can request payment of your commission to be withdrawn to a designated bank account. Payments transfers are subject to a $35 bank fee in the USA and $50 in other countries. Referral commission fees will be on hold for 60 days from the day the customer made their payment to Videolinq. This is done to prevent cancellations and refunds requested by the customer. 

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