Videolinq Roadmap

Features marked as “completed”:

  • Automate RTMP source autostart.

  • Support nDVR for selected plans.

  • Allow publishing to Facebook timeline/pages/groups.

  • Allow regional Twitch server selection.

  • Allow single signon between customer area to media dashboard. 

  • Support regional RTMP entry to Videolinq for better stream performance.

  • Support closed captioning insertion in the SDI video header.  

  • Allow RTMP stream publishing to any port not only 1935.

  • Make the dashboard tutorial videos a floating player for side-by-side training. 

  • Allow live stream on Facebook Private Group via API.

  • Add pop-up link to the player to embed live or recorded videos on Zoom and other desktop sharing application for better user experience playback.

  • Introducing Social Media Studio: a universal chat for all social media platforms, live stream monitoring, and engagement data collection. 


“Coming soon” features:

  • Add LinkedIn as destination.

  • Add Twitter as destination.

  • Allow YouTube login and post creation. 

  • Support HLS playback as file video source.

  • Allow live stream recording and download.

  • Add guests to the webcam as source mode.

  • Add geo blocking to the player.


Features due in 2021-2022:.

  • Migrate help desk and billing system to the media dashboard.

  • Revamp UX to offer modern traffic flow and newer look & feel.

  • Add guests to the webcam as source mode.

  • Add vertical view to stream/players.

  • Add DRM support for the player.

  • Add geo blocking to the player.

  • Add paywall support to the player.

  • Add playlists to file source URL.

  • Add 3rd party path to files source URL.

  • Support live stream recording and downloading.

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

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