Videolinq Roadmap

Features marked as “completed”:

  • Support Live-Rewind for selected plans.

  • Allow publishing to Facebook timeline/pages/groups.

  • Support closed captioning insertion in the SDI video.  

  • Allow RTMP stream publishing to any port not only 1935.

  • Allow live stream on Facebook Private Group via API.

  • Add pop-up link to the player to embed live or recorded videos on Zoom and other desktop sharing application for better user experience playback.

  • Release Social Media Studio: a universal chat for all social media platforms, live stream monitoring, and engagement data collection (in Beta).

  • Added Azure, and Amazon Live as destinations.

  • Allow YouTube login and post creation (in Beta). 

  • Complete integration with Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Add closed captioning to file source URL.

  • Add playlists to file source URL.

  • Add domain protection and geo blocking to the player.


“Coming soon” features:

  • Add automated closed captioning service.

  • Allow closed captioning data extract on live stream recording.

  • Allow live stream recording and download.

  • Allow channel level time limit on live streams.

  • Merge the help desk and billing system with the media dashboard.


Features due during 2023:

  • Add VR 360 live streaming workflow.

  • Add guests to the webcam as source mode.

  • Add vertical view to stream/players.

  • Add paywall support to the player.

  • Add output destination stream statistics.