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October 12, 2020

Today we released an update to the Videolinq platform. New features include:

  • RTMP automation with the Scheduler. Use this feature to configure an RTMP encoder to auto connect to destinations without the need to press "Go Live" on the channel page.

  • Videolinq Chrome App - launch Videolinq as standalone application on computers and mobile devices. 

  • Removed Mixer as destination.

  • Instant player creation with HLS path pointing to the channel.

  • Improved alert system to notify operators about resource availability or malfunction. 

  • Ability to turn account and system alerts on/off from the User Settings section.

  • Minor bug fixes.

June 21, 2020

The Videolinq media dashboard version 3.0 was released today with new exciting features and workflows. See below the list of new features, changes, and issues we identified in this version:

  • New simple design layout simplifies stream management.

  • Responsive design for computers and mobile devices.

  • Visible plan features with resource allocation and use. 

  • New terms are used: video Sources, Destinations, and Channels replaced Users, Endpoints, and Stream Jobs.

  • Less steps to create a new channel (previously called Stream Job).

  • Video sources now include RTMP (encoder), URL (RTSP/RTMP/HTTP live path or HLS manifest), Webcam (new), and Desktop Share (new).

  • Ability to connect to a computer or mobile device camera for fast and efficient live streaming.

  • Add/edit/remove sources to a channel without stopping the live stream. 

  • Add/edit/remove to a channel, and Start/Stop output video to a destination without stopping the live stream.

  • Attach a Scheduler to a channel. 

  • Set channel rules (by the Scheduler) to live stream 24/7, repeat daily, or different schedule each day of the week. 

  • New player wizard with enhanced features:

- Cross platform responsive player embed code.

- Floating player on page (PiP).

- Multi lingual closed captioning support.

- Select from multi audio channels (VOD).

Platform known issues:

  • The Webcam feature does not work in iOS version 12.3 and below.

  • The Webcam feature does not work on Firefox version 76 and up.

  • When using Chrome browser an idle login screen with credentials will result in the browser hiding the username and password. 

  • Real time closed captioning insertion does not work on Webcam sources. 


We are updating this page with issues we identify and find on the existing platform release. If you want to alert our team about issues you find, please send us an email.

Updated October 12, 2020

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