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VivaTech 2024: Videolinq Showcasing Advanced Real-time Next-Gen AI Captioning

The service translates live video closed captions in real-time and includes an editor to correct mistakes before the caption goes out.


TORONTO, Canada, May 1, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ --  Videolinq, a leading provider of innovative solutions for live streaming and video content distribution, has been chosen as one of the prominent Canadian companies focused on AI to be featured at VivaTech 2024. The company will be part of the Canadian AI pavilion led by, a testament to Videolinq's cutting-edge technology and contributions to the AI landscape.

Videolinq will unveil EDIT, a groundbreaking generative AI automated captions and translation service

tailored for live broadcasts during the conference. EDIT's real-time caption generation system with a

live editor sets it apart, allowing users to correct mistakes instantly to improve accuracy and ensure a

seamless viewing experience.

Videolinq EDIT arrives at a pivotal moment when broadcasters seek ways to streamline their

operations and expand into new markets. With its integrated live translation capabilities, the platform

empowers broadcasters to connect with global audiences effortlessly, breaking down language

barriers and unlocking new opportunities.

"We are excited to present Videolinq EDIT this year at VivaTech," shared Eyal Menin, CEO of

Videolinq. "Our innovative AI technology not only simplifies workflows for broadcasters but also plays a

crucial role in fostering accessibility and inclusion by providing real-time captions and translations."

The importance of accessibility in media cannot be overstated and Videolinq EDIT aims to make

content more accessible to a diverse audience. It ensures everyone can enjoy and engage with live

broadcasts regardless of language or hearing abilities.

Videolinq invites attendees of VivaTech 2024 to witness firsthand the game-changing potential of

Videolinq EDIT's real-time, automated captioning features. The company will showcase how it

revolutionizes live broadcasting with unparalleled speed and accuracy.


About Videolinq

Established in 2019, Videolinq is a global leader in live streaming services, simplifying the creation and distribution of top-tier live broadcasts. The company offers an online collaborative platform for teams to create live video streams, incorporate closed captioning, engage viewers, and expand audiences across various websites and social media platforms. 

Press contact: Arthur Drevnig

Email or call +1 (289) 715-2150 ext 704

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