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Videolinq Now Supports Live Stream from Pre-recorded Files with Closed Captioning

Videolinq today announced that users of its video streaming service can now live stream pre-recorded video files with closed captioning.

With this industry-leading feature, video production companies and corporate audio video departments can include closed captioning in recorded content and broadcast it live while being inclusive of those with hearing impairments.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adaptation of streaming video for online meetings. However, the production and distribution of high-quality live broadcasts to multiple social media platforms has not kept up with the increase in demand. Traditional broadcast solutions require large teams to operate video equipment, insert graphics, mix media, and coordinate talent. Videolinq’s simple workflow combines post-production edited content with matching closed captioning files and live streams it to multiple social media platforms and websites. This innovative approach offers live event producers significant cost savings, improves distribution, and supports live broadcasts that require urgency or audience interaction.

Eyal Menin, Cofounder of Videolinq noted, “Until today, creating live streams with closed captioning from files was the luxury of high-end broadcasting software solutions. We wanted any live event producer and video production team to benefit from our affordable solution. Live streaming files with closed captioning complements our existing real-time live captioning capabilities through integration with leading caption tools from Streamtext, 1CapApp, AI Media, and Voice Interaction.”

Videolinq’s intuitive web interface allows users to quickly upload content, create playlists, add supporting closed captioning files and trigger live video broadcasts manually or through automated scheduling. The program is distributed with closed captioning to an unlimited number of websites, CDNs or social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Press contact: Arthur Drevnig

Email or call +1 (289) 715-2150 ext 704

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