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Videolinq Debuts Next-Gen Real-time Automated Captioning with Live Translation

The service translates live video closed captions in real time and includes an editor to correct mistakes before the caption goes out


TORONTO, Canada, October 3, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Videolinq a leading provider of live video captioning technology and content distribution unveiled today a ground-breaking automated translation service, set to complement EDIT, an AI-driven closed captioning service that seamlessly generates automated captions in multiple languages. EDIT opens a new era in the captioning industry, combining state-of-the-art AI technologies with cost-effective human operators to ensure flawless captions. 

Videolinq's EDIT addresses the pressing needs of international corporations, media companies, educational institutions, and government agencies who want to deliver live and pre-recorded content to a growing audience worldwide. As the use of online video continues to surge, so does the demand for captions in multiple languages.

"At Videolinq, we are committed to making closed captioning accessible to all. We have developed a self-service editor to correct errors made by the automated captioning service. Content creators can now reduce costs associated with high-quality captions and translations and increase accessibility and inclusion", said Federico Munoa, Chief Marketing Officer at Videolinq.


EDIT simplifies the workflow and turnaround time of two caption creation methods:

  • EDIT for Live Captioning: This AI-based solution offers both original and translated closed captioning with a built-in editor to correct errors before they appear in live video broadcasts. EDIT ensures real-time, highly accurate captions and provides instant, ready-to-use caption files or transcripts once the broadcast concludes.

  • EDIT for Recorded Files: Accelerating captioning for post-production content, EDIT helps operators rectify errors introduced by automated captioning service, ensuring swift turnaround times for caption file delivery. Users can caption or translate content in over 60 languages and export files in multiple formats, including SRT, VTT, and PDF transcripts tailored to specific requirements.


In addition to its automated closed captioning service, Videolinq remains committed to supporting human-based captioning through strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Streamtext, 1CapApp, AI Media, Telestream Captions, and Voice Interaction—particularly ideal for content containing specialized terminology.


About Videolinq

Established in 2019, Videolinq is a global leader in live streaming services, simplifying the creation and distribution of top-tier live broadcasts. The company offers an online collaborative platform for teams to create live video streams, incorporate closed captioning, engage viewers, and expand audiences across various websites and social media platforms. Learn more at

Press contact: Arthur Drevnig

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