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New Videolinq Stream Protection Released

We are excited to announce a new feature many customers asked about: the ability to protect broadcasts from unauthorized viewers!

The new Videolinq Stream Protection feature is an excellent alternative to complex to setup and expensive DRM solutions. It works with both live and pre-recorded content hosted by the Videolinq platform or 3rd party streaming video providers or CDN's !

Watch our 11-minute webinar explaining how to use the feature:

To utilize Stream Protection, a Videolinq customer specifies allowed viewers during a live or recorded stream setup, generates an embedded player, or points from 3rd party players to a link provided by Videolinq. Stream requests are then restricted to play only by:

  • Domain names.

  • Geographic location.

  • IP addresses.

Image: The Videolinq dashboard channel page with privacy protection.

Stream Protection is also a part of the Videolinq player helping customers add privacy rules to their content when they use Videolinq, their preferred streaming service provider, or any content delivery network (CDN) that support HLS streaming. 

For example, Stream Protection could allow a company to broadcast proprietary meetings for just its employees or investors and be assured of the required privacy. Other use cases include local TV stations who want to target regional audience, online education institutions, and pay-per-view (PPV) events.

Image: The Videolinq Player with privacy protection.

The new privacy Stream Protection feature is available on the Videolinq’s Premium and Enterprise plans, starting from $149/month. Click here for more information.


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