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New Console Released

The Videolinq media dashboard version 3.0 was released today with new exciting features designed to help broadcasters simplify production and improve broadcasting workflows to social media destination. For the past months we collected customers feedback and came up with a console that is easy to use on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Here are some of the new features offered:

Stream with Webcams

Use a computer, tablet, or phone webcam to create live broadcasts. Quickly assigned target destinations and live stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many more new destinations from anywhere.

Shared Desktop as Video Source

The extraordinary effect of the COVID-19 pandemic created demand using webcams and sharing desktops as source for business style corporate broadcasts. We are now supporting this feature and helping customers target their employees and business partners on private streaming services or business oriented social media platforms.

Videolinq new media console.

Add Destination During Live Broadcasts

By building a smart buffer tool in the console we can now process live video and add or remove destinations without stopping the live stream.

New Player Wizard

We have changed our player and have now a rich-feature player that support multi-lingual audio channels and closed captioning options, detached floating player, extended monetization tools and digital right management feature (DRM).

New Destinations

We expanded delivery of live streams to new destination partners: DLive, Smashcast, Daily Motion, Brightcove, and WIX.

Redesigned Scheduler

The Scheduler received a face lift and is now attached to channels, allowing easy configuration of start/end times for live streams coming from specific source and going to custom destinations. IP network sources were moved to source “URL”. The ability to add and remove destinations without stopping a live stream allow broadcasters repurpose video signal from IP cameras and send them to a player hosted on their website, as well as to their Facebook or YouTube channel.

A new and importat set of features is coming in August. Stay tuned for more information !

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