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Demystifying Facebook Crossposting

Crossposting live videos on Facebook is a simple way to use videos across multiple Pages and Groups. For an unknown reason most streamers that want to send their broadcast to multiple pages and groups on Facebook think they need 1 stream to every destination. This article will explain in simple steps how to create Facebook crossposting with a live stream. We are using as an example the Videolinq platform, but feel free to apply this workflow to any other streaming service provider that can broadcast with the Facebook Live API.

First, you'll need to establish a crossposting relationship with another Page or Group unless you already have an admin or editor role on that Page or Group. Remember that crossposting live video only works when you create a live stream with the Facebook Live API.

If you use Videolinq follow Step 1 to create a new destination using the "Login to Facebook" option as described in this article. Not using Videolinq? authenticate with your Facebook credentials on your live streaming service provider platform, send the live video to your timeline, and skip to Step 2.

Step 1

Create a Videolinq Destination and select the "Login to Facebook" option. Select your timeline as destination for the live stream. Begin broadcasting on the channel and send live video to the destination.

Step 2

Login to Facebook with the same credentials you used to connect your streaming service provider platform to Facebook. Find the live stream on your timeline and click the upper right dots ... as shown below. This will expand the selection. Click on "Edit Live Video".

Step 3

The Facebook Studio console will open. Look for the lower part of the page and click the "Share" button.

Step 4

You will be prompt to select groups you want the video to be posted on. The list of groups shown represents groups you administer, or groups you have an "Editor role" on. Select targets groups and click "Share".

Step 5

Live video from your broadcast will appear on the groups you shared the post with. When the broadcast ends, the live video will convert to video-on-demand (VOD) and becomes available on the same post.

This is it. It wasn't so hard, and anyone can do this, even if they stream from their computer with OBS! Remember when streaming to public groups you don't manage, you must ask the group administrator permission to live stream to that group. Private groups only allow live streams created by the group administrator. In summary, here are few Pro's and Con's to help consider before you broadcast to Facebook and use the crossposting feature:


  • Live video viewer count will appear on all crossposts.

  • Video metrics such as views will roll up to the original broadcast - you can see which Page is driving the most views.

  • You can build relationships with Pages that produce high-quality content.


  • Comments and reactions from your Page's live video won't appear in the other Page's crossposted broadcast, and viewers can't see where the original live video is coming from.

  • You will have to keep an eye out for comments and questions that may appear on other Pages and Groups.

  • Only live videos created via the Live API are eligible for live crossposting, and live video from a mobile device can't be crossposted.

Tips & Tricks: In a concrete step towards integrating its family of apps, Facebook has introduced a consumer-centric portal called "Accounts Center" that allows users to post content across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger as well as manage payment options at one place. Found in the Settings section of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, the "Accounts Center" aims to give users the ability to manage their connected experiences across Facebook-owned apps, like ‘Single Sign On’ and Facebook Pay (to arrive later this year). This feature is available at the moment only for recorded files, but is expected to expand into live broadcasts.

Did you find this article helpful? Open a free Videolinq plan and live stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many other social media platforms at the same time!


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