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Add Closed Captioning to Live Video

Need to add real-time closed captioning to your live stream? Videolinq can help in just a few steps!

Open the channel interface in the media dashboard. Expand the panel under the preview player and click on the CC tab.

Option 1:

If you do not have closed captioning click the first checkbox.

Option 2:

Customers with hardware closed captioning decoders from EEG, Evertz, Link and more can embed closed captioning in the lie video when they use SDI cables to feed their media encoders. When you use this workflow select this option.

Option 3:

Many customers do not need to purchase expensive hardware or software. If they have a one-time event or only a few events per year, it makes sense to hire stenograph operators and contract them to capture audio from your event (via phone or online) and use their equipment and service to send closed captioning to your Videolinq live stream. Closed captioning service providers charge about $100 per hour, depending on how many hours you will need their service. Use your own service provider or contact us for recommendations. Your vendor can use any of our software partners to send the closed captioning to Videolinq: AI Media (EEG), 1CapApp, StreamText, Telestream, and Voice Interaction.

Option 4:

Use Videolinq's automated closed captioning service to insert closed captioning into your video source. Use Edit to correct the captions and increase the accuracy of the output data before it is inserted into the live stream. This article explains what video sources we accept and how to add automated closed captioning to live broadcasts.

Pre-recorded media with closed captioning:

Upload MP4 and VTT caption files, and use them as a source for a live stream. This article explains how to achieve this. You can also upload MP4 files and use EDIT to create captions and transcripts for VOD.

In Summary:

Regardless of your use case, Videolinq can help you add closed captioning to live streams. You can use recorded media with captions files and "simulate" a live broadcast. You can stream videos with built-in CEA-608 captions already in the video. You can use stenograph operators to insert highly accurate captions to your stream. And now, you can also use automated AI-based closed captioning to generate real-time closed captioning from a video source, correct mistakes the AI software makes (last names or special terms), and increase the accuracy of input text to your closed captioning feed. When the captions are on the video, we deliver them to our own player, or to your preferred player. We also let you include closed captioning in streams sent to social media or 3rd party video services and CDNs.


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