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Videolinq New Automated Closed Captioning Tool

June 27, 2023 – Toronto, Canada – Videolinq today announced its support for AI-based automated closed captioning – saving its customers the premium hourly cost normally associated with traditional live captions.  With this announcement, Videolinq now provides a choice of automated closed captioning with an editor to improve the accuracy of captions, in addition to its continued support for human-based captioning.  

The new service, branded as “EDIT”, helps create closed captioning and transcripts from recorded files, as well as real-time captions for live streams. These workflows include the ability to correct captions data - whether going out live or into an SRT, VTT, or transcript file. The automated closed captioning for files supports 60+ languages. The automated closed captioning for live streams complies with the CEA-608 standard for English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese. 
With the new technology, users easily create accurate captioning for any outgoing live or OnDemand video and deliver it to an unlimited number of destinations – including websites, CDNs, or social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Eyal Menin, Videolinq cofounder explains: “Our goal is to make closed captioning affordable to every broadcaster, without budget constraints. We take the automated low-cost captions and provide a self-service editor for correcting mistakes in the captions before they are inserted back into the live streams. This increases accuracy and introduces a new unique workflow. While human-based captioning is still useful in specific situations, the cost advantages of automated captioning make it an incredible addition to our services.” 

Videolinq’s EDIT helps video broadcasters of all types add closed captioning to events, meetings, concerts, or classes to better include the hearing impaired or anyone viewing the video without sound. 

Besides the new automated version, Videolinq will continue to offer human-based captioning through its partnerships with Streamtext, 1CapApp, AI Media, Telestream Captions, and Voice Interaction, which are ideal for video with industry-specific terminology.

The new service is available on all Videolinq paid plans at the introductory promotional price of $0.25 per minute until December 1st.

About Videolinq
Videolinq simplifies the creation and distribution of high-end live broadcasts, offering an online workspace for teams to create live video streams, engage viewers, and grow audiences on any website or social media platform. Learn more at


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