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Videolinq nominated for Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards

Videolinq's EDIT AI-generated automated closed captioning service has been nominated as "Best Closed Captioning Solution" to receive the "Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards" by Streaming Media Magazine.

Cast your vote before September 24th! Follow the link below and select Videolinq from the "Closed captioning solution" drop-down option at:

Other solutions competing for the award recognition include IBM Watson Live Captioning, Interra Baton Captions, and Telestream Stanza.

Videolinq's EDIT was introduced this summer and offers practical workflows for the creation of native captions and translations for live broadcasting and recorded files. EDIT offers a real-time editor to improve the accuracy of the autogenerated captions before they are inserted back into live streams, or exported as SRT, VTT, or transcripts in PDF format.

Watch this webinar and see EDIT In action.


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