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Videolinq and 1CapApp Partner Providing Solutions for Communication Access

June 22, 2020 - Toronto, Canada and Topeka, Kansas – Videolinq and 1CapApp are pleased to announce a new partnership.  In this partnership, Videolinq and 1CapApp have collaborated to deliver a tightly integrated solution for organizations who need captions on live streaming video.  


Customers include:  Government and state agencies, legal and corporate industries, spiritual organizations, marketing analysts, editors, broadcast engineers and event producers who are responsible for creating a live stream with captioned video.  


Videolinq’s technology simplifies live video streaming by acting as a hub. Customers arrange the live video in Videolinq.  Caption companies work in 1CapApp which is integrated with Videolinq.  With only these two steps, users can distribute video to up to 25 social media and website channels, such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitter Live, and other popular platforms.  The combined solution reduces complexity and can reduce costs by up to 80%. The video itself can come from a broadcast quality camera, a desktop slide presentation or even from a cellphone or tablet camera. 


The merged stream supports embedded captions in industry-standard CEA-608 format which allows control by the social media site or downstream system.  This collaboration provides a simple way to distribute video with captions to benefit the hearing impaired.  According to the National Institute of Health, 15% of Americans over 18 report a hearing loss1  and can benefit from live captions.  Captioned video also improves SEO indexing, viewer engagement and helps to significantly improve grammar and speech understanding for those learning a second language.


According to Christine Joseph, Co-founder of 1CapApp, “Our patent pending UnitiWorkFlow™ is what allows 1CapApp to integrate so smoothly with Videolinq.  Videolinq provides an easy solution for customers to deliver captioned video to their website or social media site like Facebook or YouTube.”  Fred Munoa, Director of Marketing for Videolinq, agreed and states, “So many people today benefit from closed captioning.  We are pleased to partner with talent like 1CapApp to help broadcasters and producers grow the audience for their videos.”


About 1CapApp

1CapApp was launched in 2013 by two veteran captioners, C. Jeanette Christian and Christine Joseph.  Together, with their talented engineering team, they have created the future.  Their UnitiWorkFlow™ offers a multi-channel delivery of solutions for live captioned events and complements their tagline:  One Platform. One Link. Your Solution™.  Learn more at


About Videolinq

Videolinq is the best solution for streaming live video to multiple web or social media sites. By acting as a centralized hub and providing innovative features like closed captioning and camera polling, it saves time, money and bandwidth over creating multiple independent streams.  Learn more at

Press contact: Arthur Drevnig

Email or call +1 (289) 715-2150 ext 704

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