Twitch Dominate Live Gaming Streaming Platforms

Twitch continues to lead rivals including, YouTube Live, Facebook Gaming and Microsoft’s Mixer, when it comes to live-streaming video. The Amazon-owned game-streaming site had its second-biggest quarter to date.

According to a new report from StreamElements, Twitch viewers live-streamed a total of 2.72+ billion hours in Q2 — or 72.2% of all live hours watched - compared with 735.54 million hours on YouTube Live (19.5%), 197.76 million on Facebook Gaming (5.3%) and just 112.29 million hours (3%) on Mixer.

Live Gaming Statistics Q2 2019. Source: StreamElements

Despite its visible success, Twitch is battling complains from new game streamers that say they spend years broadcasting to small audience in hopes of gaining a fan base. Twitch has tried to remedy this problem with various educational efforts as well as product features like Raids and Squad Streams, for example.

Combined, the total hours watched across all four platforms was 3.77 billion in Q2.

While none of Twitch’s rivals are nearly catching up, YouTube Live did have a good month in May, breaking its own record with 284 million hours watched. Overall, YouTube Live’s hours watched improved in Q2 as a result, while Twitch saw a slight decline. Facebook Gaming is also gaining traction and is now the third-biggest live-streaming gaming platform, having passed Microsoft Mixer.

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