Build & Design Custom Players

When it comes to design, the Videolinq HTML5 Player Wizard has everything you need to create unlimited number of beautiful players to post on your website, blog, or social media video site. These players have cross device and browser support, and bring many features to better serve your audience.

Screenshot: Example of KSPS custom player

Choose from 12 default layouts

Your Videolinq plan comes with 12 beautiful fully custemizable layouts. Select the layout that best fit the features you would like to see in the player and proceed to skin and control bar customization.

Player Features Included

The Videolinq player support:

  • LIVE and VOD player

  • Point to ANY HDS/HLS source

  • Point to YouTube or Vimeo video

  • Custom player control (features & color)

  • Add closed captioning and set position on the screen

  • Toggle fullscreen mode

  • Point to custom poster image

  • Load player in mute mode

  • Set player aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3, square, vertical or horizontal)

  • Share features - embed code, or share on Facebook/Twitter

  • Insert advertising from VAST supported 3rd party providers

  • Create unlimited number of players

IMPORTANT: Once you save the player and generate a copy & paste code, this link does not need to change if you make future modifications to the player layout or video source.

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