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Meeting the Challenges of Creating and Distributing Video Content during a Pandemic

The pandemic has accelerated streaming and blurred lines as OTT services, broadcasters, CEOs, large corporations, universities, business owners transmit content remotely. While circumstances vary, the challenges faced are the same: producing and distributing captivating content efficiently and with quality suitable for traditional and emerging platforms including social media. This webinar will share insights on key aspects of video streaming, including cloud encoding, orchestration of cloud tools, the evolution of video to social media platforms, and the ability to reduce bitrates while keeping the viewer experience high.

Moderator: Jan Ozer

Leading expert on H.264 encoding, Author, Blogger, Founder of The Streaming Learning Center

Panelist: Zohar Babin

Executive Vice President of Platform and Growth at Kaltura

Panelist: Eyal Menin

Serial Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Videolinq

Panelist: Carlos Hernandez

Chief Revenue Officer SSIMWAVE

The webinar was recorded October 1st, 2020. Click here to watch a recording.


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