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Multistreaming Service

Multistreaming Service for All Of Your Live Streaming Platforms

A multistreaming service is an excellent way to reach your audience where they are online. Today, companies produce and manage live streaming platforms for product announcements, press releases, and even employee communications. Are you searching for a multistreaming service that can help you share out your live-stream to all of your social channels? Videolinq simplifies event streaming, reduces costs, and expands your reach with high-quality their multistreaming service. 

A single stream to Videolinq is transcoded as needed and sent on to all your live streaming platforms, streamlining simultaneous social media live streaming to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, and more while reducing bandwidth and cost. You can add up to 25 streams with our cloud-based service and configure preset destinations with our live stream scheduler. Plus, you can save the event stream to video to share out on Vimeo, Dacast, Kaltura, Akamai, and other video streaming platforms.

Videolinq multistreaming service offers a world of opportunity. You can monitor the stream in real-time, monetize video with ad campaigns, and stream playback. Maybe you wonder if you reach a broader audience on LinkedIn than you do on Facebook. You can find out with Videolinq analytics. And if you want to go pro with multi-channel live streaming, we have account developers, management, and phone support to help your enterprise grow.

Are you ready to live stream 1080p HD quality video from one source to all of your live streaming platforms? Then sign up for Videolinq's free plan, featuring one Live channel, five Social Destinations, 10 Hours of Output, and support services including video tutorials and access to our extensive knowledge base of articles.

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