Best Setup For Live Streaming

The Best Setup for Live Streaming Live Broadcast Video

Here's a quick checklist if you want to put together your best setup for live streaming live broadcast video. Pick a video source. A smartphone, webcam, computer screen, or DSLR camera are all excellent options. You may also include more than one video source for your live broadcast video. Adding another stream with different layouts such as full screen, picture-in-picture (PIP), and side by side all add to the dynamics of the best setup for live streaming.

What's more, if you want the best setup for live streaming, you'll want to use an additional audio source to ensure clear, crisp sound. Nothing makes a live broadcast video tank faster than bad sound. Next, determine which platform is the best setup for live streaming your live broadcast video. Remember to research where your audience is online so that you can be on the right platform, or platforms, at the right time. A streaming destination is a site, platform, or app where your audience finds you. These content delivery networks (CDNs) include platforms such as Facebook Live, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Twitch.

Videolinq offers a new way to deliver live video to social media. Connect your video and audio sources and encoder to Videolinq and broadcast to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and many other streaming services simultaneously. You can create unlimited HTML5 players, hands-free schedule streams, repurpose network camera feeds, monetize video, or use our developers' API.

If you want the best setup for live streaming, try Videolinq HTML5. Our service delivers video to social media and your website, too. It's compatible with all operating systems, browsers, and mobile devices. You can live broadcast video with multiple audio tracks and an adaptive-bit-rate (ABR) that ensures you won't have lag. Additionally, it's the best setup for live streaming that also includes options to share, email, and embed code. And you can point to live video or recorded files hosted by any streaming providers, or by Videolinq.

Are you ready to go live with the best setup for live streaming? Then get in touch and let's schedule a demo.

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