Real-Time Closed Captioning (CC) on Live Streams

The 1CapApp and Videolinq integration provide a perfect solution for closed captioning vendors to insert real-time closed captioning to live streams distributed to social media platforms and 3rd party streaming service providers that support CEA-608. 

Live Webinar - Thursday May 6th at 12 noon ET:

Join us for a live demonstration of the 1CapApp & Videolinq workflow, followed by a Q&A session.


Simple to Setup

  • Open a Videolinq plan based on the estimated hours you need to stream per month, or use the Starter Plan and "pay-as-you-go". 

  • Create a "Channel" and get the CC credentials.

  • Open a 1CapApp plan and configure an event. Insert the Videolinq credentials.

  • Send one 1080p HD stream to Videolinq.

  • Connect your steno software (CART, Eclipse, etc) to your 1CapApp account and begin publishing.

  • The video + closed captioning will appear on the Videolinq channel.

  • Configure up to 25 destinations! for example: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo, and other services. Video with closed captioning will appear on any player that support closed captioning.

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Take Back Control of Live Production

Videolinq low-cost subscription plans help you take control of the closed captioning insertion workflow. Starting at $19.00 per month you can own the plan and run multiple projects at the same time.


Got clients who want to manage their own live stream distribution? Ask them to subscribe to Videolinq direct and share with you the publishing credentials. Since Videolinq can send video to any streaming service provider, simply point video with captions to your favorite social media platforms or CDN at no extra cost!


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